Joel Lundberg - Music from a room
Eight compositions for piano

Joel Lundberg is not your typical composer of classical piano music.
First off, he is not a classically trained pianist. (even though he has a University master´s degree in composition and improvisation.)
Secondly, his musical references ranges all the way from Kraftwerk and german Kraut-rock, Charles Mingus, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, Frank Zappa to Stravinskij, Bartok and Debussy. To name a few.
Joel says that he is a result of his record collection, and you can probably hear this in his music. One could say that “Music from a room” is a gift packed with this broad musical vision, wrapped in impressionistic paper and ready to be torn open.
In order to take this project from paper to audible form, Joel teamed up with pianist and interpreter Kalle Stenbäcken and technician Johannes Lundberg.
Everything was recorded at Studio Epedimin, Göteborg during three days in december 2018 using a beautiful Fazioli grand piano.

Music from a Room is available on vinyl. Only 100 copies made. You can order it here:

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Music from a Room is available on several digital platforms, including: