"I believe that music should feel good for the ears but also for the hands performing it. For me as a composer it’s very important that the interpreter find the music interesting, intriguing and fun to play. A happy interpreter equals a happy composer."

- Joel Lundberg

No Dead Guys: a Piano Blog
New piano music, living composers, and thoughts on the intersection of music and life. Rhonda Rizzo, writer

Meet the Artist
An interview series written by Frances Wilson from The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Sleepy Songs: SPOTTED!
A blog about instrumental contemporary classical music

Nordic Simit
A Turkish blog about independent artists, music and culture (in Turkish)

A Swedish online magazine covering artists, music and culture events in Göteborg (in Swedish)

A Swedish newspaper covering local news in the Göteborg area (in Swedish)

Planet Hugill 
A review of the album MUSIC FROM A ROOM by Robert Hugill